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The ten 10commandmentsCI

I am afraid that the Word of God Is Lost.

It is lost behind the dark clouds of the traditions of men.

It is hidden from the wise and high-minded generation of academia.

It is denied entrance into the institutions that call themselves by His name.

The Word of God is Lost.

If The Lord Himself came to preach His own Word, he wouldn’t be heard.

He would not be permitted to speak in their churches due to their protocols.

His lack of a degree from one of their seminaries would disqualify him from preaching in their churches.

His failure to be approved by one of their Boards of Ordained Ministries or one of their District Elders or their Council of Presbyterians or Deacon Boards or Pastor Search Committee or Unions or Associations would make him ineligible for preaching duty.

The Word of God is lost.

The Word of God…

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